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Sport Kites

Sport kites are two or four line controllable kites for big kids who want action in the sky.

The range of kites here covers kites for beginners, parafoil kites, delta kites and trick kites - kites for whatever type of flier you want to be.

If you haven't flown a sport kite before, choose a parafoil style, as these don't have spars to break. It is best to learn on a cheaper kite and then move up to a higher performance kite once you have mastered the basics. Most of the crashes will happen when you start flying, then you'll get up the learning curve and crash it less. Crashes happen again when you get confident and start trying new, trickier moves.

Sport kites are best suited to big kids (i.e. grown ups), but if you're buying for children, choose smaller kites, as these will generally have less pull. That is unless you want to lose your child out to sea! Children need to be well co-ordinated to be able to steer the kite. A general recommendation is that children are aged 8 and up.

Check out our sport kite info page and our kite safety page.

While we endeavour to have up to date pictures of product, colours are subject to change and the item despatched may not be exactly the same as that shown or selected.

Unless marked NZ Made or otherwise, these products will be imported, having been made in China. It has become impossible to design and manufacture locally at a competitive price. However, the products I sell are of a high quality of manufacture and design and are guaranteed to fly.

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