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Resources for Kite Making Workshops

Since starting my kite business in 1996 I have made kites with kids of all ages in schools and holiday programmes throughout New Zealand. During this time I have seen thousands of faces light up with the enjoyment of creating a kite and the fun of flying it.

As a professional kitemaker I spend a lot of time reading about and researchng kites. There is a huge amount of information about kites. Much of it has been printed in the US and much is available on the internet, but not a lot relates to New Zealand.

In response to the many queries and stories I hear about kite making and running workshops, I have compiled some resources to assist people running kite making workshops. In sharing this information I hope to encourage more people to make more kites, to find that kites can be easy to make and to fly, and to encourage making bigger, more complicated or more beautiful kites, or just to fly them better - but mostly to have more fun! These resources are now available here as printable pdf files:

The history of kites and kites in the Pacific

What makes a kite fly

How to make kites and what materials to use

Principles of kite making

Some first kite ideas

How to fly your kite

Kite safety and colouring page

Kite games and activities

World kite records

Kite words in over 100 languages!

A list of good web sites

Word Search puzzle

Kite Quiz and Answers


To make kites you need to be able to tie good knots. Click here to see how to tie a Square Knot and an Overhand Loop Knot