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Kites prefer to fly in light to moderate winds. They are made from lightweight materials, so the wind can lift them up and hold them in the sky.

No kites like to fly in heavy, gusty or strong winds. This can cause them to become unstable and crash, or put too much pressure on the fabric and stitching.

If you are choosing a kite for children, choose a small one for small children, as it won't pull as hard as a bigger kite. If a kite is pulling too hard, children will probalby let it go - and some kites will go far, if the wind is right.

Generally children under 7 won't stand still and let the wind fly the kite - so their kite may end up being dragged on the ground or caught in trees and other objects as they run about. So, generally, kites shown here are for children 7 years and over.

Kitealogue - Serpent Kites

The Kite Lady's favourites! These kites require no assembly and are excellent flyers in a broad wind range.


A great first kite and remembered by Kiwis of all ages. This is the best flier for little kids. 2m long and made of parka nylon with a fibreglass frame. Line included. Colours will vary - please ask if you have a preference.

PLOCT - $15

Kitealogue - Delta Kites

Delta kites fly high and are very stable. Easy to assemble, they just require the spreader put in across the back, and check that the side spars are down at the bottom of the outside edge, leaving the nose to flex with the wind.

Click here for Delta Kite assembly information


The delta for grown ups. Ripstop nylon and mylar sail with a fiberglass frame makes flying a breeze in a wide wind range, and the high flying angle allows maximum altitude. Bungies in the spars make assembly a snap - just let the rods spring into their connectors like a tent pole.

The 162cm wing folds to just 18” long, and the great-looking package includes kite and 200’ of premium braided Dacron line on a hoop winder. Fun, stable and easy to fly for all ages. Colours may vary.

PRSTL - $85

Kitealogue - Diamond/Eddy Kites

These are for people who want a "traditional" or "normal" kite. Diamond, or Eddy, kites have lots of tail to help with stability. Eddy is also the name given to the whirls of wind.


It is time to grab those pencils and crayons and show off your colouring in skills. The Colouring Your Own Diamond Kite keeps kids entertained for hours. Great for parties or an ideal present.

This 60 cm x 60 cm kite features popular show kites including the Dragon, Cuttlefish, Blue Whale and Crab. Comes with line and winder. A great flier in wind from 7 – 20 kph.

PLCYO - $15 - sorry sold out - more coming soon


The diamond for grown ups. A modern twist on the classic diamond kite. Made from ripstop with fibreglass spars. 94cm wingspan with two tails, it folds into a pouch that’s barely a foot long. To assemble, just let the rods spring into their connectors; the spars are connected by bungee cord just like a tent pole so there’s nothing to lose and no way to assemble it backwards. Comes with a colorful 2-part matching tail, flying line and winder. Easy instructions are printed on the sleeve, flies eagerly even in light winds. Line included. Colours may vary.

PRSTD - $65

Ktealogue - Sled and Parafoil Kites

Sleds and Parafoils have no sticks to break or parts to lose - making them pretty much indestructible. These are quick to get going, excellent flyers, and ideal for bikers, trampers and keeping in the picnic basket or glove box ready to shake out and go.



A lightweight parafoil 66 x 50 cm with a 2.4m flowing tail. No assembly and easy to fly. Stuff bag and line included. Colours may vary.

PRBR2 - $50


A lightweight parafoil 81 x 62 cm with a 3m flowing tail. No assembly and easy to fly. Stuff bag and line included. Colours may vary.

PRBR5 - $70



A beautiful applique triple Power Sled that can be used as an anchor to lift larger line laundry or inflatable kites. Made in nylon with a figreglass frame. No assembly and easy to launch. 165cm wide x 104cm high. Nylon bag and line included.

Power Sleds generate enormous pull and are for experienced adult flyers.

HQPS7 - $165

Kitealogue - 3D and Box Kites


A bold three dimensional star with colours framed by black panels. 91cm tall. Made from ripstop with fibreglass spars. Packs into PVC bag. Line included. Fly in 8-29 kph winds.

PRARO - $40


A spectacular three dimensional spinning kite. 91cm tall. Made from ripstop with fibreglass spars. Packs into PVC bag. Line included. Fly in 11-29 kph winds.

PRSPB - $50



The Flip's rotor spins its way through the atmosphere. Like a kaleidoscope in motion, the vivid graphics blend and blur, creating colors and patterns that can only be seen while it spins.

Ripstop with carbon/fibreglass frame. Line included. 57cm wingspan, folds flat to less than 1/2" thick for easy transport. Fly in 6-25 kph winds.

PRFLP - $65


A stunning sailing ship for a piratical captain. This one requires quite a bit of assembly. Made in ripstop with fibreglass frame. Line included. 100cm hull with a spintail at the back. Packs into a nylon carry bag. Fly in 11-30 kph winds.

XPRSH - $65



Available in $20, $30, $50, $75 or $100




The reindeer have gone on holiday and left Santa to fly on his own. Resin decoration 12 x 5 cm, with red ribbon ready to hang.

FSXMD - $10